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Can laser depilation achieve the purpose of permanent depilation?

Permanent hair removal is actually a direct translation of permanent hair removal. If it is translated, long-term hair removal may be more scientific. In fact, in the United States, if a hair removal method does not have obvious hair growth for a long time (such as 1-2 years) after the treatment, then this hair removal treatment method belongs to permanent hair removal.

Laser hair removal and electroacupuncture hair removal belong to this type of treatment. As for laser hair removal, the effect of treatment is determined by the number of times of treatment, the interval of treatment, the energy during treatment, the individual differences of the body and many other aspects. Generally speaking, the more times of treatment, the more likely it is to achieve the purpose of long-term hair removal. If the number of treatment is too small, the effect of treatment will be temporary. Therefore, the effect of long-term hair removal is relative rather than absolute, and we can’t drill a bull’s horn.

Generally speaking, to achieve the purpose of hair removal, a course of treatment of 6 times is necessary, and the treatment should be carried out in strict accordance with the interval told by the doctor. The treatment time should not be too long apart, otherwise it is easy to fail. Of course, there are also individuals with powerful hair follicles. Although there are still a few hair growth after a course of very strict hair removal treatment, the hair at this time is generally small, similar to bristles, which does not affect the appearance. If it is obvious, another course of treatment should be carried out.

Of course, the most reliable method of hair removal at present is laser hair removal, which is not only safe but also effective. Therefore, laser hair removal soon became popular all over the world. In fact, many hair removal after a course of treatment still have no hair growth and recurrence after many years.

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