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Can laser depilation permanently depilate? How to care after depilation

Depilation technology has been favored by many women in recent years, so various depilation methods emerge in endlessly. Laser hair removal is one of many hair removal methods. However, many people have doubts about whether laser hair removal can last forever. Next, let’s learn about laser hair removal with you.

Laser hair removal is based on the principle of selective photothermal dynamics. By reasonably adjusting the laser wavelength and energy pulse width, the laser can pass through the surface of the skin to the root hair follicle of the hair. The light energy is absorbed and transformed into heat energy that destroys the hair follicle tissue, so as to make the hair lose the regeneration ability without damaging the surrounding tissue and slight pain. Laser hair removal is a relatively safe, fast and long-term hair removal technology.

Can laser hair removal be permanent

If the hair follicle is necrotic, depilation is permanent. However, it is expected that hair will grow again at the depilation site.

Over time, people can process the same depilation site again, reducing the number of hairs growing again. In some cases, it is possible to completely remove all hair.

Whether hair will grow again depends on many factors, including what type of hair regrowth belongs to and the technology of depilation technicians.

Permanent hair removal is a unique advantage of laser hair removal. But laser hair removal is not done once and for all. Hair can be divided into growth period, stationary period and resting period. Laser hair removal is very effective for growing hair. However, for hair at rest and rest at this time, laser hair removal has little or no effect, which also determines that laser hair removal needs multiple treatments. Generally speaking, under the professional guidance of doctors, it is entirely possible to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal by completing all the times of laser hair removal.

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