Does laser hair removal hurt? How many times does laser hair removal take to complete

Looking at the hair on the arm, I feel very uncomfortable and want to give it away. I heard that laser hair removal is the best way, so I intend to use this way to remove hair. Does laser hair removal hurt or not? How many times does laser hair removal take off before it can be cleaned?

Does laser hair removal hurt

Laser hair removal is carried out under local anesthesia. There will be no pain in the process of treatment. Don’t worry. The burning pain after anesthetic failure is within the acceptable range. If you are sensitive to pain, you can do freezing point hair removal. Freezing point hair removal is a kind of laser hair removal, which is milder than laser hair removal.

How many times does laser hair removal take to complete

Laser hair removal should be done three to six times to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal. However, due to race, heredity and other factors, there are obvious individual differences in the density of hair. Laser hair removal still needs to go to formal medical institutions for detailed face-to-face diagnosis before hair removal. Because the growth cycle of hair is divided into three periods: growth period, quiescent period and degenerative period. Among them, hair follicles in quiescent and degenerative stages have no hair. If laser hair removal is used at this time, it will not play the role of hair removal. Only in the growth period can hair follicles grow hair trunks, and laser can only act on black hair trunks to play a selective photothermal role. Hair follicles can be destroyed and hair growth can be inhibited by laser hair removal.

How much is laser depilation

Laser hair removal is generally charged according to the location. For example, for axillary hair, it is generally about 2000 yuan in public hospitals until there is no axillary hair. If it is bilateral thighs, the charge is about 5000. The lower leg also needs about 3000 to 4000 There are also bilateral forearms or upper arms. The cost of depilation is also different, about 4000 to 5000. However, in different hospitals, the price of this charge may be different. For example, the price of public hospitals and private hospitals will also vary a lot, so this price is not necessarily very accurate for reference only.

Does laser depilation have radiation

Laser hair removal generally does not have radiation, which can effectively improve the condition of hair. At present, this technology is relatively mature and has the advantages of less trauma, less pain, fast recovery, high safety and less side effects.