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Factors affecting the effect of laser hair removal

The effect of laser hair removal is different for everyone. In the final analysis, it is the difference between individuals and equipment. Here are several factors that affect the effect of laser hair removal.

The individual differences of patients greatly affect the effect of treatment. In different people, their hair growth ability is also different. In addition, there are obvious differences in skin color and hair color, and the treatment effect will be different. The reactivity of hair follicles in different parts to laser hair removal treatment will also be different. For example, the removal of facial hair is more difficult than axillary hair removal. Moreover, the thickness of hair also has a great impact on the depilation effect.

In terms of equipment, different treatment equipment also has some differences in the safety of treatment, and the light source of laser will have a great impact on the treatment effect. For example, the treatment effect of laser is certainly better than that of strong light.

The experience of plastic surgeons is also very important. Experienced doctors can accurately grasp the indications and contraindications of treatment, and can timely adjust treatment and solve or avoid other possible problems. Therefore, they should try to choose good doctors.

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