Laser hair removal authority, second understand

  I hear spring is a good time to shed hair. But is that really the case? It’s not the season for skirts and bare arms and legs. Is waxing in such a hurry?

  Then, today, I will take you to a new decoding laser hair removal. You’re welcome!

  Hair has a growth cycle, generally divided into growth, regression and dormancy. It takes 2-3 months from growth to dormancy. According to the growth cycle of hair, spring 3- April begins depilate, summer hair can enter dormancy period.

  In addition, after depilation, we should pay attention to sunscreen. The light in spring is not as strong as in summer, which can reduce the occurrence of pigmentation. The skin will repair better only if it is waxed in the spring.

  Speaking of which, are you no longer confused about your on-screen spring hair removal?

  And then there’s the problem. Recently in the outpatient clinic encountered a number of beauty seekers, worried about hair removal will affect perspiration. Actually sweat glands and hair follicles are independent of each other. Even if the hair follicles are destroyed, a person will sweat normally.

  Between you and me, laser hair removal not only removes excess hair, but also makes skin firm, smooth, delicate and shiny.

  Exuberant hair really affects a woman’s delicacy! Hairy girls, don’t hesitate to act. Strive to become a beauty goddess as soon as possible!

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