How much is laser depilation once? What side effects does laser hair removal have?

I am afraid of cold in winter, so I dare not show my figure. It’s hairy in summer, so I dare not show my figure. Even if the cover is tight at ordinary times, there will inevitably be negligence

Exposed meat, we are not afraid to expose our body hair, it will be embarrassing. Imagine a woman with a strange style of painting, with a big face of ignorance. So, enchanting life

Always “take off” the light, not only take off the sheet, but also take off the hair. Summer in the impression. It should be beach, shorts, bikini, vest, big legs.

Leg depilation

How much is laser depilation once?

  1. Depilation site

The cost of laser depilation is related to the depilation part, because the charge of laser depilation is also calculated according to the area of depilation part, that is to say, the larger the area of depilation part, the higher the charge. Therefore, the charge will be different for depilation of different parts.

  1. Depilation times

The cost of laser hair removal is related to the number of times of hair removal. Because the hair density of the hair removal part is different, the number of times of laser hair removal is different, so the cost will be different.

  1. Selected hospital

The cost of laser hair removal is related to the selected hospital, because the charging standards formulated by different levels of hospitals will be different. Generally speaking, the higher the hospital level, the higher the charging standard will be.

  1. Selected doctor

The cost of laser hair removal is related to the doctor you choose. For example, doctors with rich experience and strong technical ability will charge higher fees.

  1. Is laser hair removal harmful to the skin?

The human skin is a relatively transparent structure. The clinical experiment of plastic and cosmetic experts found that in front of a powerful laser, the skin is simply a piece of transparent cellophane, so the laser can pass through the skin very smoothly and reach the hair follicle. Because there is a lot of melanin in the hair follicle, it can preferentially absorb a large amount of laser energy and convert it into heat energy, so as to increase the temperature of the hair follicle and destroy the function of the hair follicle.

In this process, because the skin does not absorb laser energy, or absorbs a small amount of laser energy, the skin itself will not be damaged.

How often is laser depilation appropriate?

Laser hair removal requires an interval of about 4-8 weeks between each course of treatment. The next laser hair removal treatment is feasible only after new hair grows out. Different parts, different hair, laser hair removal treatment times and intervals are different. Generally, after 3-5 times of treatment, those seeking beauty can get long-term hair loss. Even if there is a small amount of regeneration, the regenerated hair is thinner, shorter and lighter than the original.

The effect of laser hair removal is better in the growth period of hair. The more melanin secretion, the better the treatment effect. Laser depilation has little effect on hair in degenerative and resting stages, but laser depilation can inhibit the rapid growth of hair in a short time to achieve the predetermined effect.

It’s heating up recently. Summer should come. Clean up the “little fluff” on your body early and show it wherever you want in summer! Laser depilation – through the light beam emitted by the laser, the hair will no longer grow and achieve the effect of long-term depilation.

Can you pluck hair after laser depilation?

Armpit hair, bikini, limbs, hairline, beard and lip hair. During treatment, it is required not to shave or pluck hair by yourself, because both shaving and plucking will stimulate the growth of hair and affect the effect. The treatment interval is strictly limited to about 1 month, with slight differences according to different parts.

What side effects does laser hair removal have?

At present, I haven’t found it yet. I’m a very cautious little editor. He may cause skin burns or skin pigmentation, but if you choose a doctor with good technology and reliable responsibility (of course, good settings are also necessary), this usually won’t happen.

After I finished the freezing point depilation myself, the doctor advised me not to take a hot bath in * * *. If there is a slight redness and swelling, it will generally disappear within 1-3 days, so don’t worry, but I didn’t have these conditions. If you have such a situation, you can apply ice to the red and swollen part, which is very effective in the first few hours after hair removal. The pain of surgery is related to the experience of machines and beauticians. Personally, the people who operate the machine are different every time. The responsible beautician basically has no pain. When I meet a beautician who is very big, I feel like a rubber band bouncing under my armpit

The vast majority of women usually prepare a beauty tool, small tweezers, to remove unsightly hair from body parts, which is no stranger to women. Although the hair removal process is painful and time-consuming, it is more economical than other hair removal methods

Does laser affect local skin sweating?

No impact.

For example, the sweat glands in the small sweat glands (sweat glands in the sweat glands of the hand) will not sweat out, and the sweat glands in the small sweat glands will not sweat out.

The function of laser hair removal is to the melanocytes in the hair follicle and hair stem, which will not hurt the innocent neighbor sweat gland (without melanin), so it will not affect the normal sweating of the skin.

Summer is coming, and it’s time for short sleeved hot pants to fly together. In addition to love, there is another thing worth paying attention to in summer, that is hair removal. It is finished early in spring and exposed wherever you want in summer!