How much is the price of laser depilation? Is laser hair removal risky?

In addition to depilation cream, there are laser depilation methods. Laser hair removal is a better choice than hair removal cream with more side effects. How much is the price of laser hair removal? Is laser hair removal risky? The price of laser hair removal is about 3000-10000. The price will be affected by factors such as the therapeutic instrument, the area of hair removal site and the difficulty of hair loss. Laser hair removal is not completely without risk. Laser hair removal may cause temporary erythema and edema around hair follicles; Skin burns may occur if the energy is too high or if you stay on the skin for too long.

How much is the price of laser depilation?

How long can laser depilation last?

The function of laser hair removal is to damage hair follicles for a long time. At the same time, because laser hair removal is targeted to destroy hair follicles, it will not affect other surrounding skin tissues.

What are the advantages of laser hair removal?

The advantages of laser hair removal are better effect, fast speed, complete hair removal and less pain. The laser does not damage the surrounding tissue when it destroys the hair follicle. The pigmentation after laser hair removal is closer to your skin.

How to care after laser hair removal?

  1. Do not swim or take a bath on the same day;
  2. Do not eat spicy food;
  3. Do a good job in sunscreen and apply sunscreen;
  4. Do not wear close fitting clothes with too dark color;
  5. Eat more fruits containing vitamin C, or eat vitamin C tablets directly. Vitamin C can improve skin resistance and reduce pigment production;
  6. During laser depilation, do not depilate in other ways, either physical or chemical, which may lead to pigment production.