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  You don’t need us to tell you that body hair is a personal choice. For those who love and embrace them, we say go ahead and live your best life—but feeling inclined to prune, shape, or remove what you naturally have can work just as well.

  Anyone who regularly removes body hair will know that shaving and waxing can be itchy, time-consuming and expensive. Enter IPL. what, now? IPL! Otherwise, it is called an intense pulsed light hair removal device. Let us give you a quick overview.

  What is ipl hair removal device and how do they work?

  The IPL device is a hand-held machine that eliminates unwanted villi by directing a powerful beam of light towards the hair follicle, destroying the root of the follicle and hindering regeneration (sometimes permanently). They can glide over larger areas of the body, like your legs, or be printed on more precise patches: think about your bikini line or your upper lip.

  The best home ipl hair removal machines can be expensive, estimating at least £2003354, but they’re also an investment that will save you money over time (and won’t make you throw so many rusty razors in the rubbish box).

  For effective results, shave but not wax or remove hair before using the IPL hair removal device. It takes some hair to get the light aimed at it, but if the hair is too long, it will be harder for the light to reach its destination: the hair follicle.

  Who will use ipl laser hair removal?

  The biggest disadvantage of ipl hair removal lasers is that they only work on hair that contrasts with your skin tone. People with light to medium dark hair will see the best results. Sadly, if you have dark skin, light hair or tattoos, IPL is not for you.

  Anyone who is pregnant and receiving certain medications should also avoid IPL hair removal.

  How often should IPL equipment be used?

  Most brands recommend that you use your IPL device regularly for three months before charging it extra. With continued use, the hair should start growing more slowly and finer, then stop completely.

  What are the side effects of IPL hair removal?

  IPL hair removal is safe as long as you use a reliable brand of equipment and follow the instructions carefully. The process is quick and shouldn’t hurt, but may feel hot and tingling (sort of like a quick snap).

  Side effects including redness and minor discomfort are not uncommon and should not last, but blisters and burns are rare. If you experience adverse reactions after using an IPL device, be sure to see your doctor.

  IPL and Laser Hair Removal: What’s the Difference?

  Hair removal ipl is different from laser hair removal, which uses a different and more powerful light source to target concentrated areas of body hair, which permanently stops regrowth after 4 to 8 treatments.

  IPL can be done at home, but laser hair removal should only be done by a trained professional. As you might expect, appliances will require more consistent use — and plenty of patience — to get the same results.

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