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Is laser depilation painful?

What kind of reaction will the skin have after depilation?

After treatment, there may be some chicken skin swelling and slight redness, and a slight burning feeling. This reaction will subside after a few hours. Laser hair removal generally takes only about 30 minutes, which will not cause skin damage and bleeding. Therefore, it will not affect work and normal activities.

Is laser depilation painful?

Most patients reported pain during treatment, and the treated skin would be red and swollen, which is normal. A few hours after treatment, those whose skin is sensitive to pain can apply anesthetic in the treatment area before operation.

How much is the price of laser depilation?

The cost of laser hair removal depends on different parts and areas. In addition, different laser technologies and instruments will also affect the price of laser. Because the technical equipment and doctor level used in hospitals are different, many professional regular hospitals use international advanced treatment instruments. Generally speaking, depilation of calf hair is about 2000 US dollars / time, which takes about 5 times.

Some netizens take estrogen to inhibit hair growth in order to depilate. Is this correct?

If it is hirsutism caused by pathology, it can be inhibited by taking drugs under the guidance of doctors; If it is just ordinary hair, it is absolutely not advocated to take medicine to inhibit hair growth. Don’t let your hair go and your health disappear.

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