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Is laser hair removal safe

Girls with thick body hair often ridicule themselves as “peaches”. In order to become “nectarines”, they use all kinds of “weapons” to deal with body hair: for example, shaving knives are economical and convenient, and the effect is immediate, but the effect can only last for 3 ~ 5 days, and the hair will tend to be thicker and thicker, which is easy to damage the skin barrier, resulting in skin sensitivity, redness and even inflammation; Depilatory cream, most of which contain chemical ingredients, has great irritation to the skin and is easy to be allergic, and the effect will not last long; Depilation beeswax, the depilation process is quite painful, and it is easy to cause folliculitis. The effect can last for about 2 weeks at most.

The above methods are short-term hair removal, which can only remove body hair and has no effect on hair follicles, so it will soon be “endless wildfire and spring breeze”. At present, the only way to completely destroy hair follicles and achieve long-term hair removal effect is laser hair removal.

The hair follicle can be permanently depilated according to the laser energy and heat pulse width, so that the hair follicle can not be damaged by light and heat, and the hair follicle can be selectively depilated according to the theory, High safety and mild pain.

Laser hair removal has two main advantages. One is to “cut the grass and eliminate the roots”. Laser hair removal is especially suitable for yellow people, because the color difference between yellow people’s skin and hair is obvious. During operation, the black hair absorbs heat, and the heat diffuses to the surrounding tissues, which can “end the nest” of the whole hair follicle. Therefore, the effect of laser hair removal is generally long-term. Second, it is accurate and controllable. Many friends worry that the laser will burn their skin. In fact, the process of laser hair removal is fine and controllable. During normal operation, other skin tissues will not be damaged except hair follicles. The current laser technology uses the extended principle of selective photothermal action, which can accurately control the heat diffusion range, only “burn off” the hair follicle, and the surrounding skin tissue will not be damaged, with high safety. As long as you go to a regular hospital to find an experienced doctor, laser hair removal is one of the most safe and effective medical and cosmetic treatment projects at present.

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