Is lip hair depilated or bleached? What causes lip hair

Lip hair is the hair on our lips. Generally, most women have lip hair, but the lip hair is very unsightly, so many girls will choose depilation or bleaching. Is it better to depilate or bleach the lip hair? What causes lip hair?

Is lip hair depilated or bleached

This problem depends on the reason for the formation of your lip hair. It should be that hair removal is better, such as laser hair removal or moonlight hair removal. Laser hair removal can go deep into the root of hair follicle, and the selective action of light and heat can destroy the hair follicle tissue, so that the hair does not grow. This is a permanent way of hair removal. When bleaching, Hu bleach with chemical components is usually selected. Hu bleach can play an antioxidant role and lighten the hair color, but the maintenance time is relatively short. Lip hair can be removed with bleach, but the dose should be controlled. All doses should be judged by consulting a professional hospital first. You can’t choose blindly. Bleach can also cause negative damage, so when removing lip hair, do not contact the harmful environment too often.

What causes lip hair

Women have lip hair on their lips, which is unlikely to fade completely. As long as they don’t continue to develop and turn black. Avoid eating animal viscera, eat less meat, and foods rich in arginine and calcium: such as eel, loach, sea cucumber, cuttlefish, octopus, silkworm pupa, chicken, frozen tofu, laver, celery, pea, shrimp skin, salted egg, egg yolk, dairy products, soybean, kelp, etc. Human body contains estrogen and androgen. Male androgen has more points, showing thicker sound, beard, female estrogen has more points, showing breast development, thinner sound, long lip hair is due to androgen effect, because everyone has different androgen content, so some people are obvious, some people are not obvious. Some people have lip hair at birth. With the increase of age, the color of lip hair becomes darker and darker, and the number is more and more. This situation is usually inherited by families.

How many times do you have to take off your lip hair

Lip hair removal generally requires three to five times, up to about eight times. Although the lip hair is small and small in number, it is the most laborious in the depilation operation. The number of depilations depends on the thickness, length and depth of individual lip hair. Hair has a certain growth cycle. The hair follicles in the growth period are relatively hypertrophic and sensitive to light. At this time, the hair follicles can be treated by laser surgery. The hair follicles in the dormant and degenerative periods are not sensitive to light and cannot be removed. Therefore, to achieve the effect of destroying hair follicles, lip hair removal needs to be carried out many times. Because the growth rate of lip hair is relatively slow, lip hair removal is once a month or two, so it is not suitable for frequent surgery. Because the hair has to go through three stages: growth period, degenerative period and dormant period, the laser mainly works on the hair follicles in the growth period. It is invalid to perform hair removal surgery in the degenerative period and dormant period, and the hair growth cycle generally takes about three to four weeks, so the time of hair removal surgery should be determined according to the hair growth cycle.

Should lip hair be removed

If girls have light lip hair, they usually don’t need to be removed. However, if the female lip hair is thick and affects the normal life, it is recommended to remove it. Women can go to the medical cosmetology department of a regular hospital to depilate by laser to achieve the effect of removing lip hair. Usually, they can depilate permanently three to five times. People after laser need to keep their lips clean, avoid water, take sunscreen measures, and avoid spicy and irritating food; In addition, women should avoid using a blade to remove lip hair, so as not to operate improperly, damage the skin and induce folliculitis.