permanent hair remover

Is the depilatory instrument depilatory immediately? How long does the depilatory instrument have effect

After using the hair remover, it is not suitable to touch water immediately, because the skin after using the hair remover is fragile and needs several hours of rest to return to normal. So after the hair removal instrument is used up, does it remove hair immediately? How long will the depilator work?

Is the depilator depilating immediately

no The hair removal instrument is not used once to achieve the hair removal effect immediately. At the same time, the working principle of the hair removal instrument is not to take off the hair, but to make it reach the hair follicle through the photothermal principle of the hair removal instrument. After the hair follicle absorbs the laser, it will produce the photothermal effect, so as to make the hair follicle heat up, solidify and necrosis, so as to achieve the hair removal effect. However, the energy generated by using a hair removal instrument is limited, which can not have the effect of hair removal immediately. It generally needs to be supplemented for many times.

How long does the depilator work

It depends. Everyone has different hair length, density and growth speed, so the effect of using depilator is also different. If there are not many long hairs on the body surface, it is generally used 1-2 times a week. After 1-2 months of use, it can have a more obvious hair removal effect. If the hair on the body surface is thick, the hair growth speed can be significantly slower after using it for about 2 months. As long as you insist on using it, you can have a better hair removal effect.

Can chicken skin use depilator

sure. Chicken skin is the thickening of the cuticle around the hair follicle, resulting in the protrusion of the hair follicle mouth blocked by colloid. People with chicken skin can depilate with depilator. However, after using the depilator, we must do a good job in moisturizing the chicken skin, because the chicken skin itself is relatively dry, and after using the depilator, it will aggravate the dry symptoms of the skin. If we don’t do a good job in moisturizing, it may aggravate the chicken skin. It is suggested that chicken skin can be coated with an appropriate amount of aloe gel or mild body milk at the depilation site about 2 hours after using the depilator.

Can I swim after depilation

may not. After using the depilator, the skin of the depilated part cannot touch the water, so it cannot swim. Because just after using the depilator, the skin here is relatively fragile, and the hair follicle is still in the treatment stage. At this moment, if you go swimming, the depilation effect will be affected after the skin is stained with water. It is generally recommended to touch the water 6 hours after using the depilator.