It’s summer. Let’s have a look at laser hair removal

Of course, laser hair removal is the most ideal method for permanent hair removal. However, many mm are affected by various factors, and there are still many questions about hair removal. Now let’s invite Beijing laser beauty experts to popularize hair removal related knowledge for us!

  1. A mole grows on the leg, and a black and thick long hair grows from the mole. It’s almost ugly. What should I do?

This kind of hair cannot be handled casually, because moles are living cells, which are likely to deteriorate if they are stimulated indiscriminately. You can shave with a razor, but it’s only a temporary treatment. If you want to do it once and for all, you’d better have a minor operation with a dermatologist.

  1. Will shaving make the hair thicker and thicker?

No, for the hair shaved by the razor, the section at the tip of the hair will be flat, so the hair will regenerate and grow out and look thicker.

  1. How to reduce the irritation of depilation to the skin?

In order to avoid the phenomenon of inverted body hair, when depilating, apply depilatory products along the growth direction of body hair, and shave or pull out body hair against the growth direction of hair. After depilation, take cold water immediately, shrink pores and apply moisturizer. Within 48 hours, avoid contact with hot water, frosting and products containing artificial fragrance to avoid irritation and sensitivity.

  1. Can I sunbathe right after depilation?

After shaving, the hair follicle and the cuticle of the skin will fall off together, and the protective function of the skin surface will decline, so it is not suitable to be exposed to the sun immediately. If the method of hair removal is used, the epidermis will be congested instantly during hair removal, which is easy to be sensitive, and further irritation to the skin should be avoided.

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