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Female friends have more hair in these three places. Is it good or bad?

  Under the influence of this age of beauty, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to changes in appearance and figure. Men and women have different ways of pursuing beauty, and their concepts will also be different.

  Strong hair, in the eyes of men, is a representative of masculinity and strong male hormones, but in women’s eyes, a strong body will hinder beauty, and carelessness will lead to “large-scale social death scenes.”

  Hot summer, in order to show a good figure, girls will take out short skirts and shorts early to welcome the hot summer. However, the vigorous appearance has become an obstacle preventing women from showing their beauty. In order to cut off the barriers that prevent them from becoming beautiful, many women shave off their body hair before going out to keep their skin clean and flawless.

  Is it really a bad thing for women to have more hair? In fact, if there are too many hairs in the following three places, it may be a good thing. Don’t be afraid to understand because you are shy.

  (1) hair

  Having beautiful black hair is considered to be the dream of many women. Hair is also a type of body hair in the human body. The thicker the hair, the more qi and blood in the body, and the healthier the kidneys. This kind of hair grows vigorously, which is a good thing for women and adds more points to the external image of female friends.

  Nowadays, many women experience frequent hair loss due to long-term staying up late or irregular diet. If you have this kind of trouble, you can usually eat more foods that have hair care effects, such as black fungus, black beans, black sesame, soy milk, and red dates. You can also insist on washing your hair with wormwood boiled water, which can effectively stimulate the growth of hair follicles and relieve the troubles of hair loss.

  (2) armpit hair

  Most women hate the presence of armpit hair, but it makes sense. Although armpit hair seriously affects beauty, armpit hair can effectively reduce the friction of the armpit skin, accelerate the discharge of sweat, help the body detoxify, prevent bacterial invasion, and have a certain positive auxiliary effect in terms of health.

  Everyone, if you think that your armpit hair is too bad for your beauty, you can shave your armpit hair properly without affecting your health. It should be noted that the hair follicles of the eyelashes are relatively fragile. Do not tear it off or use beeswax directly to uproot it, otherwise it will damage the hair follicles, induce folliculitis, and affect your health.

  (3) eyebrows

  It is very important to improve the external appearance of the eyebrows. Many women shave their eyebrows first before going out, and finally redraw a neat row of eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil.

  Women with strong eyebrows represent adequate energy and blood and good physical strength. On the contrary, women with sparse eyebrows may be caused by insufficient blood in the body or weak liver. They need to adjust their discomfort in time to avoid adverse complications.

  (1) Ovarian dysfunction

  Ovary is very important to women and is closely related to fertility. Women with abnormal ovarian function grow faster. If left untreated, the appearance of the body will increase dramatically. This situation is a pathological reaction, and you must seek medical examination in time, and don’t delay the best treatment time for the disease due to personal reasons. (2) Strong androgen

  The male body is dominated by androgens, of course, there are also a small amount of estrogen. The female body is dominated by estrogen, but also has a small amount of androgens. If the female body secretes too much androgen, it will cause the female hair to grow vigorously.

  If the hair is prosperous due to excessive androgen secretion, you must seek medical attention in time and adjust to the correct hormone level as soon as possible under his guidance, so as not to affect your health.

  (3) genetic factors

  Whether a woman’s hair grows vigorously is closely related to genetic factors. If one or both of the parents are healthy and the child inherits the parents, the chances of being healthy will be greatly increased.

  Genetic factors are physiological manifestations, not caused by diseases, and there is no need for excessive anxiety. If you feel that your hair affects your beauty, you can shave your body hair properly while ensuring your health.

  (4) Eating and living habits

  Unhealthy eating habits and irregular work and rest can also cause endocrine disorders in the body, thereby accelerating the growth of body hair.

  (5) Drug effects

  Women who have been taking hormone drugs for a long time, because of the high level of hormones in their bodies, their hair will grow vigorously. If the hair growth is caused by drugs, they can report to the attending doctor for help and make adjustments in time. Do not increase or decrease the dose blindly, so as not to affect the recovery of the disease.

  hair removal paste

  Friends who want to get rid of hair can try a hair removal cream. The depilatory cream is not harmful to the body. It only takes 5-10 minutes for the hair to fall off on its own. Before using depilatory cream, you need to clean the depilated area first. While keeping it dry, squeeze the depilatory cream into the depilated area, apply it evenly, and wait for 5-10 minutes. When the hair becomes soft, you can use a professional spatula to grow along the hair.

  Using hair removal cream to remove hair will not affect the body and greatly reduce the chance of folliculitis. The only disadvantage is that the duration of the hair removal cream will not be too long, and the hair will grow again in about 2 to 3 weeks.

  Laser hair removal

  Laser hair removal is a commonly used method of hair removal in beauty shops. Laser hair removal directly acts on the human hair follicle layer to kill the hair follicles and inhibit hair growth. Laser hair removal is costly and lasts a long time. It can be done once or twice a year to achieve zero pores.

  Laser hair removal requires high-level equipment. Women who try this method of hair removal must go to a professional beauty agency. Never look for a small workshop. The level of small workshops is limited. If the operation fails, it will burn the skin and affect the appearance.

  It is understandable that women want to lose their hair. After all, everyone has a heart for beauty. Ladies and gentlemen in front of the screen, what methods have you used to help them lose their hair?

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