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Matters needing attention in laser hair removal

Nowadays, the best way to deal with excessive body hair is laser hair removal. It is a safe, effective, painless and non-surgical method. This hair removal method is very popular and recognized by beauty seekers. Because many people with thick body hair get smooth and flawless skin through this technology! If you’re excited, you might as well try it.

In the process of laser hair removal, because the skin does not absorb laser energy or absorbs a small amount of laser energy, the skin itself will not be damaged. In addition, the cooling device for protecting the skin is installed on the laser hair removal treatment head, so the skin will not be damaged during laser hair removal treatment, so there will be no abnormal pigment or scar reaction.

In order to ensure that the treatment process is safe, I would like to remind you that there are three aspects worthy of attention in laser hair removal:

1, after laser hair removal, avoid sunburn for 3 to six months, and apply sunscreen lotion to the affected part to reduce sunlight exposure.

  1. Slight redness and swelling may occur after treatment. The skin is sensitive and hot or itchy after laser hair removal. If you feel pain, apply ice to reduce the pain.
  2. Avoid hot water scalding and forced scrubbing of the treated part of laser hair removal.

What should be noted about laser hair removal is that experts suggest that for laser hair removal, everyone has different feelings of pain due to their different physical conditions. Before laser hair removal, there will be a “irradiation test” stage to determine the patient’s pain.

Now you know the precautions for laser hair removal. Finally, depilation experts warned that only choosing a formal plastic and cosmetic surgery hospital is the key to the success of treatment and the guarantee of safety.

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