How about microneedle acne?

It is very distressing to have acne on my face. You don’t have to underestimate this kind of acne. Some are easy to handle, but some are difficult to remove. If many of them show up, the impact on your appearance is obvious. There are many ways to treat acne. rf fractional micro needle fda beauty is a very common way to remove acne. In the case of application, we are very concerned about the actual effect of anti-acne. So, how about microneedle acne? Let’s take a look below.

  There are two types of acne marks: pink acne marks and black acne marks. Some people call the dents produced by extrusion after acne marks as acne marks. Microneedle beauty therapy is only effective for acne marks with mild acne pits, but it is not particularly suitable for removing gray-black and bright red acne marks.

  microneedle rf machine beauty does not give full play to the actual effect of pink acne marks.

  First of all, pink acne marks are the result of acne redness and telangiectasia. It is transient erythema, which will gradually dissipate. If you want to get rid of pink acne marks as soon as possible, you must apply pulsed laser to seal small blood vessels, use salicylic acid skin care products for daily maintenance, and add allantoin and clindamycin drugs to sterilize and reduce inflammation to achieve the actual effect of rapid elimination. But microneedle beauty is to stimulate the skin collagen powder to give full play to the role of newborns, and can not remove the inflammation and bacteria of pink acne marks, so microneedle beauty is not suitable for pink acne marks.

  Micro-needle beauty does not give full play to the actual effect of black acne marks.

  Micro-needle beauty can’t give full play to the effect of removing black acne marks. Another type of acne marks is black acne marks. This kind of acne mark is the main manifestation of pigmentation after acne redness and swelling, and the skin becomes darker and yellower. If you don’t pay attention, the black acne marks will gradually fade over time. If you want to remove black acne marks as soon as possible, apply skin care products containing tranexamic acid, vitamin C and salicylic acid complex for maintenance and accelerate skin metabolism. This is the most effective way to remove black acne marks.

  Micro is most effective for mild acne marks.

  Rf micro needling machine therapy can remove mild acne marks. In reliable facial acne treatments, microneedle beauty is often used to treat wavy acne marks. Wavy pit-shaped acne marks belong to a type of acne scars with a low difficulty coefficient. The use of micro-needle beauty effects stimulates the regeneration of skin collagen and can restore the acne scar face to its previous appearance. But for acne marks and deep ice cone acne scars that resemble the shape of a high-speed rail car, the effect of microneedle beauty is relatively small. It is recommended that those who have other acne scars should apply laser dot matrix or other skin care methods to remove acne pits.

  The basic principle of microneedle cosmetic removal of pit-shaped acne marks

  The principle of fractional rf microneedle machine beauty treatment is simply to insert gold into the dermis of the skin. According to the kinetic energy released by the needle, the collagen in the damaged part is reorganized and reconstructed, so that the somatic cells of the skin’s basal metabolism can be rapidly upgraded. Of course, the acne marks are replaced by new collagen, and then the actual effect is as great as the fade. Therefore, micro-needle beauty has the effect of removing pit-shaped acne marks, and even the skin pores are reduced after micro-needle beauty. How long can micro-needling beautify effectively cure acne marks?

  Do microneedle beauty treatment for pit-shaped acne marks in a reliable designated medical institution. Generally, the actual effect of tightening skin pores will be achieved within a week. After two microneedle beauty treatments, the pit-shaped acne marks will gradually disappear. In addition, the actual effect of firming the skin, improving skin texture, and reducing wrinkles will gradually appear, and the best actual effect of microneedle beauty for pit-shaped acne marks will appear in January-March.

  Microneedle beauty cannot be operated independently to remove acne marks.

  There are many microneedle beauty products on Taobao, but this irregular product is not suitable for women to treat pitted acne marks independently. Because there is no technical and professional disinfection measures, self-purchased microneedle therapy is very easy to cause skin sensitivity and inflammation. In addition, manual micro-needle beautification is not conducive to controlling the intensity and range, and cannot achieve a good actual effect of removing acne on the pit-shaped face.

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