Why do I feel uncomfortable after laser tattoo removal treatment?

  It is not uncommon to feel uncomfortable after laser tattoo removal. Many people complain of feeling uncomfortable after treatment. For some people, it may be a mild headache or fatigue, which will disappear after a few hours or a day or two. For others, the situation is worse, and it may last for days or even weeks.

  Laser tattoo removal may be caused by many factors, such as the composition of the tattoo ink, the amount of tattoo ink decomposed during the treatment, and the health condition during the treatment.

  In this article, we answer your question, why do I feel uncomfortable after laser tattoo removal? We also discussed what tattoo ink is made of (this will help us better understand our discussions about why people get sick), positive measures to avoid discomfort after laser treatment, and tips for staying healthy after treatment.

  Four reasons why people feel uncomfortable after laser tattoo removal?

  After laser tattoo removal, people will feel uncomfortable for different reasons. But let’s look at four common reasons.

  One, the composition of tattoo ink.

  To understand why people feel uncomfortable after laser tattoo removal, first understand that tattoo ink is composed of metals, metal oxides and chemicals.

  These metals, metal oxides and chemicals may be toxic to the body when they enter the blood. They may not be toxic in the dermis, but once they enter the bloodstream, they become a threat.

  During the laser-assisted tattoo removal process, the tattoo ink pigments are crushed into fragments so that they can be flushed out of the body. These ink fragments (remember, they may be toxic) stay in the blood for several days or even weeks, as they enter the kidneys and liver, where they are recognized as toxic foreign bodies and are excreted from the system through urine or sweat .

  When these ink fragments are in the body, they will interact with your internal system. Because they are toxic, their interaction with your body system is unhealthy. This may be why you feel unwell after treatment.

  Two. The amount of tattoo ink decomposed during treatment.

  If your doctor or nurse decomposes more ink particles than your body can handle, you may feel uncomfortable after laser treatment.

  When we discussed how long laser tattoo removal takes, we told you that after each treatment, it takes at least 6 weeks for the body to wash off the ink fragments and heal. This interval between treatments is necessary so that the body does not feel overwhelmed and collapsed in the process of washing off too many ink fragments.

  There.Unfortunately, some people know nothing about it. But we are not.

  Doubts in ink, we visited tattoos to understand how much ink should be broken down during each treatment. As an excellent tattoo removal supplier in Denver, our goal is to ensure that you stay healthy even after laser treatment.

  Meanwhile, if you are considering laser treatment to remove or lighten your tattoo, you can start the process by making an appointment with us. 3. Health status during treatment.

  A healthy immune system is needed to resist the toxicity of tattoo ink and remove it from the system. If you were unhealthy before treatment, your health may deteriorate, causing you to become ill after laser treatment.

  Later in this article, we will share some tips on how to stay healthy after laser treatment. You should practice.

  Four. Influence

  After laser treatment, the treated area is usually very sensitive and prone to infection. If not handled properly, the treated area may be contaminated, which may cause you to get sick.

  To avoid this, we encourage you to clean the treatment area, wrap it with a sterile bandage, and follow the other tattoo removal care techniques discussed here.

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