To solve facial problems, ultra-pulsed carbon dioxide fractional laser

  Acne, spots and wrinkles can be said to be the three major facial skin problems that plague many female friends. Therefore, many women have become people who do not go out without makeup. They cannot do without the microdermabrasion function of the beauty camera. The reason is that the pores on their faces are large, and the acne marks in the pores are more obvious than boys. what should I do? CO2 fractional lasers are effective for treating facial problems.

  Carbon dioxide is a common cosmetic treatment commonly used for skin treatments such as moles, flat warts, and acne scars. It can also be used for facial rejuvenation treatments such as wrinkle removal. It is a minimally invasive laser treatment technique.

  The traditional carbon dioxide laser treatment has a long repair period and large damage, while the ultra-pulsed carbon dioxide fractional laser not only has a significant effect on ablation treatment, but also has the advantages of short recovery period and less damage in non-ablative treatment. Today, I will mainly introduce the treatment principle of ultra-pulsed carbon dioxide laser and the skin type suitable for treatment.

  Therapeutic principle of ultrapulsed carbon dioxide

  It uses the laser to selectively act on the diseased tissue, emits lasers as thin as hair and arranged in a matrix, and directly penetrates the dermis, thereby starting the skin repair mechanism, stimulating the proliferation and reorganization of dermal collagen, so as to achieve better curative effect and reconstruction. Dermal frame structure, remove wrinkles, smooth scars, reduce pores.

  Suitable skin types to treat:

  1. Scars: trauma scars, acne scars, etc.

  2. Flat warts, syringomas and benign skin tumors;

  3. Skin wrinkles, pores, stretch marks, actinic keratosis/cheilitis;

  4. Nail fungus and other foot treatments.

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