What is the side effect of laser depilation?

For most people, laser hair removal is a safe way to remove hair permanently or for a long time where it is not needed.

Is laser depilation safe?

Most people who use it believe that laser hair removal is safe and acceptable. This procedure does not appear to have any long-term health risks.

However, some people may have slight side effects after laser hair removal. People should ask their dermatologist to test the response of a small piece of skin to treatment, and then treat it on larger skin.

People who want laser hair removal should always use a fully qualified doctor.

Is laser depilation painful?

Within a few days after treatment, the affected skin may turn red and soft. Many people describe this feeling as similar to sunburn. However, the process itself is not painful.

side effect

There will be some different side effects after laser hair removal. Most side effects are mild and temporary. Anyone with persistent side effects should consult their dermatologist.

Redness, swelling and irritation

Laser hair removal will damage the hair follicles of the target hair. The body will respond to this, and many people will feel red, swollen and inflamed in the affected area. The skin may tingle or feel soft, and may even swell slightly.

These symptoms are usually transient. The affected area may be similar to the skin that has just been coated or depilated. Some dermatologists use local anesthetics to reduce a person’s skin response to the process.

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