What side effects does laser depilation have?

  1. In the process of laser hair removal, the skin will have a slight tingling feeling, and there may be a slight burning feeling after operation. There are mild erythema or hair follicle papules on the local skin, which usually subside within a few hours. After laser hair removal, a small number of people have brown thin scabs on their local skin, which fall off naturally in about a week.
  2. Very few patients will have purpura, blisters, temporary pigmentation or hypopigmentation, and most of them can recover within a few months.
  3. It should be noted that because pain may stimulate uterine contraction, although the pain is not strong, laser hair removal during pregnancy is still not recommended
  4. Scar caused by laser hair removal is rare, but patients with a history of keloid should still be cautious.

Most of these side effects are mild. If you take corresponding nursing measures after operation, you can recover quickly without worrying too much.

How many times does laser hair removal need to be done? Will it rebound?

In order to achieve good hair removal effect, it is generally necessary to conduct 4-6 times of laser treatment.

Single laser treatment is only more effective for the hair in the growth stage, while the melanin content of hair follicles in the quiescent stage and degenerative stage is less. Laser treatment can play a role only after these hair enter the growth stage (which often takes 2-4 months).

Therefore, laser treatment needs multiple treatments to achieve the ideal effect. The interval of each treatment needs to be determined in combination with the specific situation of each person after treatment, generally 1-2 months.

Does laser hair removal affect perspiration?

To be sure, it doesn’t affect!

Perspiration of human body mainly depends on small sweat glands, while laser hair removal is to sweep hair follicles. Hair follicles and sweat glands are two independent tissues respectively. Hair grows from hair follicles, while sweat glands are next to hair follicles. The two are not the same thing. Therefore, laser hair removal will not damage sweat glands and affect perspiration.

In a word, laser hair removal has little effect on hair in degenerative and resting stages, but laser hair removal can inhibit the rapid growth of hair in a short time to achieve the predetermined effect