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Who is not suitable for laser hair removal? What side effects will laser hair removal have

At present, the more popular hair removal method is laser hair removal. Many women with more hair have solved their hairy troubles through this method. Laser hair removal is not only safe but also effective. However, laser hair removal can not be used by anyone. Even if it is not suitable for people, laser hair removal is ineffective.

Who is not suitable for laser hair removal?

Because the principle of laser hair removal is to absorb the pigment in the hair follicle to achieve the hair removal effect, if people with black skin perform hair removal, they may absorb part of the laser energy during hair removal, thus causing damage to the skin. If the skin is white and the hair is black, not only will it not hurt the skin, but also the effect is obvious. Therefore, laser hair removal is suitable for people with fair skin and black hair. If they have black skin or light hair, it is not suitable for laser hair removal.

What side effects will laser hair removal have?

1、 Pain. Everyone has different tolerance to pain. Some people may have slight skin pain during each irradiation, but this pain will disappear after the irradiation stops, so there is no need to worry too much.

2、 Erythema. After laser irradiation, there is temporary skin redness on the irradiated skin.

3、 Peeling. Some people have brown scabs on their skin after depilation, but this scab will fall off naturally after 1 week.

4、 Pigmentation. A few people will have light brown spots after treatment, which is a response of the skin to laser treatment, but not all depilators will appear, which is related to their special physique. Some people will recover within a few months after pigmentation.

5、 Scar. The special constitution of some beauty lovers or some depilators do not pay attention to skin cleaning after operation, resulting in bacterial infection, which is prone to the emergence of small scars.

What should we pay attention to after laser depilation?

1、 Good skin care. Usually after laser hair removal will cause damage to the skin, so every day after the operation to wash the skin with warm water, and can use some moisturizing spray to relieve the skin, can effectively calm the skin.

2、 Avoid direct sunlight. Because the skin will become more sensitive after depilation, it is forbidden to be exposed to sunlight to avoid skin hair follicles being damaged by ultraviolet rays, resulting in melanin deposition.

Warm tips: Although laser hair removal surgery is effective and safe, not everyone can carry out it. If you want to carry out laser hair removal, you’d better consult a doctor in a professional hair removal institution and let the doctor give professional suggestions. If it is suitable for laser hair removal, it should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.

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