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Why do athletes like laser hair removal?

Apart from those “hairless heroes”, people now have more or less some hair on the surface of their skin. From an aesthetic point of view, inappropriate hair in some parts will have an adverse impact on the appearance of female friends. In order to remove excess hair, many people used, even now, to use razors, hair removal wax, or hair removal methods. The results show that the effects of these methods are only temporary. If you want to achieve a long-term hair removal effect, you need to accept laser hair removal.

Athletes have a special preference for laser hair removal

For athletes, they need to often appear in public places, especially under the close attention of TV media. Billions of viewers are watching them. At this time, it’s not beautiful if there are too many body hair. Many athletes shave before the game, but some athletes choose laser hair removal because they either don’t have time to shave or can’t stand the pain of hair removal.

Nowadays, laser hair removal and plastic surgery has become popular among Olympic athletes, especially those who need to wear bikini. Beach Volleyball champions Walsh and treina have had laser hair removal. Walsh said in an interview that she and Jennings didn’t like wax depilation, so they accepted laser depilation.

At the same time, laser hair removal is also very popular with gymnasts, swimmers and tennis players.

Analyzing the principle of laser hair removal is like “boiled egg”

Experts said that the traditional artificial depilation method can only achieve a temporary effect, because no matter whether you use depilation cream, razor or hair removal, only the hair stem and hair root are injured, and the hair follicle is intact and can still grow again. The most essential difference of laser hair removal is that it can completely destroy hair follicles and make hair follicles lose their growth ability.

So what is the working principle of laser hair removal? It is reported that it is based on the principle of selective photothermal dynamics. By reasonably adjusting the laser wavelength and energy pulse width, the laser passes through the skin surface to the hair follicle at the root, which is transformed into heat energy that destroys the hair follicle tissue, so that the hair loses its regeneration ability, and truly achieves the effect of long-term hair removal. After several times of laser hair removal, it can also seek the true smooth and delicate skin color of the beauty.

In order to let beauty seekers more directly understand the principle of laser hair removal, experts compared the behavior of boiling eggs.

“When an egg is still raw, it is alive and can hatch a healthy chicken, but if it is cooked, its life will no longer exist. The principle of laser hair removal is the same. When the hair follicle absorbs heat, it will gradually be ‘cooked’, lose its vitality and will not grow again.

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