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Will depilation with depilator be more and more? Will depilation with depilator be longer and thicker

Because some friends have more hair, especially armpit hair, leg hair, arm hair, etc., boys are OK, but girls are difficult to accept, so using depilator is one of the choices, but we also have these concerns.

Will depilation be more and more with depilator

The amount of hair on the human body’s surface is related to its own genetic genes and the level of androgen in the body. Therefore, the use of hair removal instrument will not lead to more and more hair. The normal and regular use of hair removal instrument can also make the laser of the machine pass through the normal epidermis and reach the hair follicle. Long-term use can also destroy the hair follicle and achieve permanent hair removal.

Will depilation with depilator be longer and thicker

No, but the quality of the hair removal instrument will affect the hair removal effect and pain. If no friend has used a more effective home hair removal instrument, it is recommended to go to a professional hair removal institution for laser hair removal. If it is a boy, he doesn’t have to try the home hair removal instrument, which has little effect.

What are the methods of depilation

Chemical depilation: mainly use depilation cream. The chemical components in depilation cream can dissolve sweat and hair. But after all, it is chemical, so sensitive muscles must pay attention!!! Be sure to do an allergy test before using depilatory cream!!! I prefer to use ANSP’s hair removal cream, which is mainly convenient and not easy to hurt the skin. Just apply hot compress to the place where hair removal is needed. After opening the pores, apply a layer of hair removal cream. After 6 or 7 minutes, wipe it off with a disposable face towel against the direction of hair growth.

Physical depilation: I’ve used a razor before. No matter how careful I am, I’ll still scratch a hole, so I haven’t used it again since. And the shaved leg hair grows out more.

Laser hair removal: the price is the most expensive among the three, thousands of cheaper ones and tens of thousands of better ones. Although it can be absolutely hairy, it can’t be 100% hairy. And it needs to be done several times, which takes a lot of time.

What is the best depilation for the body?

Laser hair removal: laser hair removal is fast and less painful. If you are lucky, it can ensure once and for all, never relapse, and the risk of leaving scars is very small. Even the armpit hair will be thin and not obvious, and the number will be reduced a lot.

Electric hair remover: it is convenient to use and carry. It can be operated anytime and anywhere. It can generally maintain a clean and bright appearance for 2-3 weeks. It will still feel a little pain when used.

Shaving knife: it can be used at any time, and the shaving knife can also be reused.

The above three methods of removing or shaving hair are likely to cause epidermal infection, cut the skin, cause pigment precipitation or scars. Therefore, the correct method is to trim with round head scissors, which is not only beautiful, but also won’t scratch the skin. (Ps. it needs to be disinfected frequently and cannot share a hair scraper with others)

Depilation ointment: depilation ointment is a good temporary depilation method, and the effect can only last for about a week. Some people have allergic reactions to depilation ointment, such as redness, swelling, pruritus and other symptoms, so local tests should be done in advance. (Ps. when purchasing products such as hair removal cream, you should pay attention to whether the product is printed with the words “Wei Zhuang special character”)

Depilation wax: suitable for large-area depilation. Be careful when there are wounds on the skin.