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Will laser hair removal affect perspiration?

Will laser hair removal affect perspiration? Most of them use razor and depilatory cream for depilation, but the effect is not ideal. For laser hair removal methods, many female friends do not know much, and are afraid of pain and sweat, so they dare not try it easily. Xiaobian explains the principle and safety of laser hair removal in detail.

1。 Principle of laser hair removal: laser hair removal is based on the principle of selective photothermal dynamics. By reasonably adjusting the laser wavelength and energy pulse width, the laser passes through the skin surface to the hair follicle at the root, which is transformed into heat energy that destroys the hair follicle tissue and makes the hair lose the regeneration ability. After several times of laser hair removal, the really smooth and delicate skin can be restored to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal.

2。 A laser hair removal treatment can not achieve the effect of permanent hair removal, because the growth of hair is periodic. The hair growth cycle is divided into three stages: 1. Growth period; 2。 Degenerative period; 3。 Quiescent period. If the laser acts on the hair in the growth period, a better therapeutic effect can be achieved at one time, but it does not work on the hair in the degenerative and quiescent periods. Therefore, it is better to wait for the hair to change into the growth period and then conduct laser hair removal treatment. Generally, permanent hair removal can be achieved after 4-5 times of treatment.

3。 Because laser hair removal only acts on hair follicles with melanin cell particles and does not act on sweat glands without melanin particles, it does not affect the perspiration function.

4。 Laser hair removal treatment process is simple and fast. There have been countless successful treatment experience and obtained FDA certification. After treatment, the skin does not scab, infection and side effects. It is a relatively safe hair removal method. Laser is different from X-ray, and only acts on the hair follicles on the surface of the skin. It has no damage to other organs of the body, so it will not affect the health of the body.

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