Working principle of depilator can depilator really depilate permanently

The depilator uses the light and heat energy emitted during its work to directly act on the hair follicle through the skin, and the melanin in the hair follicle can absorb the light of a specific wave band. After the laser of the depilator enters the hair follicle, under the action of heat, the hair follicle tissue is heated, solidified and necrotic, making the hair lose the ability of regeneration, so as to play the effect of depilation.

Can depilator really depilate permanently

If the depilator is used in a standardized way, it is possible to achieve the effect of permanent depilation. In addition, it needs to be used consistently to see the best depilation effect, because the heat generated by the depilator each time is limited, and the inhibitory effect on hair follicles is also limited. It needs to be used for many times to make the hair follicles completely stop growing new hair, so as to play the role of permanent depilation. So if you think of the best hair removal effect, you must insist on using it.

Is depilatory instrument harmful to the body

No, The hair removal instrument is very safe. The energy released by it directly acts on the hair follicle and will not affect the sweat glands and other parts, so it can be used safely. However, the Epilator will release laser during use, so it is best to wear goggles, otherwise it will cause irritation to the eyes and dazzle. In addition, the gear of the Epilator must be adjusted according to your tolerance. If it is adjusted too much, it may cause obvious tingling.

How to use the depilator

First remove the surface hair with a razor and remove the most basic surface hair, so that the function of the depilation instrument can effectively act on the root of the hair. You can adjust your hair removal instrument to the appropriate gear. When operating the hair removal instrument, you can depilate closely and vertically on the skin. It is suggested that the simpler the use of pure moisturizing ingredients after depilation, the less the burden on the skin.